Chinese medicine for precocious puberty

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Posted on August 9th, 2010

  Numbers have all kinds of meaning for different people, and in the Chinese medicine, it is no different.  There are the five elements and the four searches the eight principles of the diagnosis.There are numeric cycles of growth for both men and women. as people age, they are going through the cycles of the eight years of growth, and women go through growth cycles at seven-year intervals thereafter. 

  Girls today the subject of this post.At the age of seven, according to the Chinese medical texts, girls have their baby teeth replaced by permanent and abundant. their hair grows at the age of 14, girls have matured in young women and their time limits commence.  At the age of 21, their essence peaks, growth is to its utmost and so on, up to the age 49 where the essence is exhausted and menopause occurs. 

  Sounds pretty simple, right?Well, it used to be, but the girls of today have changed. twenty or thirty years ago, girls were … girls.  However, a new study suggests that the girls of today through puberty, any earlier than that of a few decades ago, back in the age of seven or eight.  Seriously, there are seven and eight-year-olds breasts grow and date as those periods. 

Though no one knows exactly why this is happening, there are a number of theories floating around out there. one is that in the United States, girls thicker.  The average Body Mass Index for girls (a measure of weight, height, also an indicator of fatness) has been increasing steadily over the last twenty or thirty years.  Of puberty, a girl must achieve a certain weight and fat distribution, an eight-year-old around the weight/fat from a 12-year-old can therefore through puberty early. Small quantities of the hormone estrogen in the fatty tissue of (FAT) are produced, and fat children tend to have elevated levels of the protein leptin, making their hypothalamus and pituitary glands to puberty hormone-free.

  In Chinese medicine, is on nutrition, in fact, as a cause of the disease, in particular, obesity.  About nutritious foods that are jam-packed with the calories, fat, or are just feeding close are fully included.These foods are considered Yin nature that they are very nutritious., However, that the nutrient quality over gums to working and causes a condition called moisture, that the inability of the body is metabolizing fluids properly. building of moist tissue is heavy and much the same thing as moist … pretty fat.

In addition, food destroyed “food” shall also be regarded as a cause of the disease in Chinese medicine. in ancient times is destroyed food food that was corrupted or otherwise fit for human consumption.Today, food full of preservatives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, made from animal or vegetable fats and flavors that comes from a laboratory in New Jersey are all considered to be.Most relevant to the precocious puberty are foods that come from animals fed hormones to boost their weight, growth and productivity.

Another theory is that some of the synthetic chemicals in household products and personal care products endocrine disruptors. these chemicals are absorbed by the body and certain hormones, especially estrogen mimic. women who are exposed to these substances have an increased risk of breast cancer, his childhood development agencies also vulnerable to the harmful effects, hormonal changes, the most likely cause of unexpected and early onset of puberty.

In the context of the Chinese medicine, these chemicals are also considered to be an overabundance of toxic substances into our lives. the ancients, toxins came from being bitten by a snake or stung by a poisonous insect. Today, the toxin exposure of the synthetic chemicals in household cleaners, shampoo, SOAP, and moisturizing lotion that are included in our body.

For parents who want to bear in mind that their daughters to grow too quickly, there are a few things you can do. a strategy of physical activity and weight control in combination with clean, healthy food (preferably organic) food and a commitment to chemical-free cleaning and personal products is a good place to start.

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Acupuncture and mental health in teens

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Not so long ago, appeared this letter to the editor about teenage mental health in my local newspaper: 

  Many parents may relate to 5 July article “Worried about a Moody teenager?”  A friend recently told me that the serious anger of her middle son had caused problems in the family.  They decided to try alternative medicine and took him to an acupuncturist.  After a visit of the change in the 11-year-old was great.A local acupuncturist told me that acupuncture in pre-adolescents and young people can be very effective. it would be worth a try.  (The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Monday 12 July 2010)

  I have found that deal with teenagers, children and youth and young adults are some of the most satisfying work I’m doing, especially because they are so quick to respond to the acupuncture, and the results can be life changing.  Not only did I my share of young patients with pain, pain and foot injuries, but also I’ve worked with children living with depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia and stress were struggling.

  The reason that acupuncture is so effective for adolescents is threefold.  First of all, for the most part, they’re young and healthy. Acupuncture usually far more effective for someone that is healthy and able to heal quickly, as opposed to someone in the 1970s or 1980s that been sick for a long time. 

The second reason that acupuncture work so well for young people goes back to the Chinese medical theory. The Chinese say that children are considered to be pure-Yang.In comparison with the nourishing, cooling, contents of Yin, Yang is warm, active and transformative. and that is what the kids are doing — they transform.  They grow and change almost daily, and it seems that once you have figured out stage, they have moved on to the next.  This is a good thing on the front of the healing.  As soon as children grow, they also heal quickly.This is both good news and bad news, especially when we talk about young people.

The pure Yang thing can also work against children, especially in the small and teens.Good health, or balance in Chinese medicine is all about the smooth flow, and for the most part, our children grow and flow.Unfortunately, children going through adolescence, they start even faster change. at the top of the physical growth, children facing increasing stress of school and peer relationships.Mother nature throws than in a dark cocktail of hormones that transformation even more interesting … uh,. for some children creates this sudden growth, plus the hormones, as well as the stress a perfect storm which can block the flow of energy and emotions, a wide variety of mental health problems.

Finally, acupuncture works for emotional health because the brain chemistry. researchers are studying the effect of acupuncture have found that acupuncture causes an increase in the production of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain, creating a calming effect. for this reason, acupuncture effectively treating of emotional conditions, such as stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Many parents do not know where to turn when their adolescent with anger or depression struggling. understandably, they are reluctant to medicate their teenager, but they also know that their child needs help.

The good news is that in this healthy, ever-changing adolescents, acupuncture can be a life saver, which is so striking is expressed in the above-mentioned letter. If your teen is struggling, consider acupuncture to try it.

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Are your cosmetics Making You Sick?

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  There’s nothing better than finding a new shampoo that leave you feeling healthy and shiny hair.  It’s even better if it also smells really good shampoo.  But what if this wonderful new shampoo contain ingredients that are not good for you?  In fact, what if you shampoo, but all products on your body routinely included ingredients that make your skin becomes irritated, tampered with, or even your hormones could cause cancer?Well, guess what? many of them do it!

That’s right – I mean containing soaps, moisturizing creams, lotions, lipstick, nail polish, perfumes and anti-aging creams that you use every day.In the past, most of us don’t much reflect on what we allow on our skin. However, you can see more organic and free of chemical products in the shelf for a reason. Many of the ingredients in the things that you have on your skin for years might not be so great after all.

Part of the problem is that the ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products are not regulated by another body. manufacturers must list their ingredients, but for the most part, anything goes. A lot of creams and lotions have been added ingredients to their absorption deeper into your skin and eventually into your bloodstream. If you think that these chemical substances harmless, because they’re only going to on the surface of your skin, think again.

These are products that you have a lot of and in abundance. The average woman uses about 20 products with about 200 ingredients – not more than once in a while, but every day.

If you are not convinced, think about this: all chemical agents from SOAP, shampoo, etc. have been washed down the drain and into our rivers, streams and drinking water. In a study of the EPA and Baylor University in Texas, the researchers found that chemicals used in fragrances and cleaning products pollute our waterways. they found that the chemicals not only make their way into the water, but also in the tissues of fish that lives in the rivers and streams.

In Chinese medicine protects your lung organ system the outside of your body, especially on your skin. As the guardian of the outside determine your lungs also immunity. Immunity is seen as a kind of protective bubble around your body. When you toxic ingredients on your skin, you are your protective bubble, weakening of negative impact on your health and your immune system at risk.

Exactly what chemicals shall draw up a problem? There are many. A short list of some of the most common ones:

Parabens, that are used as a preservative, are a source of concern because they’re considered endocrine disruptors. This means that they can mimic estrogen or with your body’s natural hormones and reproductive processes interfere. If you are using tags, you will find them in almost everything.

Mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin and.  These bad boys are, in principle, petroleum products that make your skin like plastic jacket, clog the pores and creating a toxic buildup.They can mobile development, in fact, earlier signs of aging – and who needs that slowly?They are also endocrine disruptors.

Sodium sulfate Laurel(SLS), also known as laureth sulfate (SLES).SLS is found in more than 90% of the products for personal care! your skin moisture barrier dries the skin and causes of premature aging and skin irritations.SLS is also an excellent offender, because it easily penetrates the surface of your skin to chemicals, so that other easily accessible, and combine with other chemicals can be a nitrosamine, that is a known carcinogen.

Smell on the label of your moisturizer is seemingly harmless.The term “smell”, however, is a red flag as manufacturers are not required to what is in it. various chemical substances can be hidden behind the door of the smell, one of the most common phthalates, endocrine-disrupting substances.Scents of essential oils are good.

So what can you do to your skin care Act cleaning? the most obvious answer is for a label reader. This may, however, a problem, that is clear, if you’ve ever looked at the label of your favourite moisturizer. There are a lot of ingredients; some unpronounceable, most are not known.

A simple solution is to go to, and see how your products rate. This is the website sponsored by the Environmental Working group, which thousands of products for personal care. a score of a perfect zero means that your eye cream is clean, if it’s a 7-10, rates than the ingredients are regarded as dangerous, and you may want to consider the throw it away.

You can also personal care products that very few ingredients, shop at your local co-op, or other natural food stores buy. most of them have a good selection of effective and dry cleaning shampoo, SOAP, lotions, moisturizers, etc.

By choosing clean, less toxic skin care products, you are taking a small step to help cleaning up the environment. you also a signal to the manufacturers of these items with your wallet. these companies will stop the use of harmful chemicals in their products as less people buy them.

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Food on the Feed Your Heart

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The Chinese give food as medicine that you eat three times a day. Food can feed, heal and give you energy. 

Simple, right? well, maybe not as easy as you are trying to lose weight, to maintain your weight, cut carbohydrates, closed the fats or limiting your diet in a way that is unhealthy.  If this is the case, then you are feeling a bit food as the enemy.

  My first theme for this post was truths about weight loss.  However, if I started to write, I realized that this is the greatest truth: How do you approach to food and eating is a mirror to how your life.

  I see in the clinic, busy professional women who just time for a quick bite on the run, often from the nearest place of fast food and eaten in the car or getting up.  I see people who are depressed and unhappy from eating as a way to fill the void in their lives.  I also see joyless clients that their diet to within an inch of their lives — no limit carbohydrates, no fat, no sugar, not this not that.

Food is a medicine that you get to eat three times a day. feed your soul. Also in Chinese medicine, your heart is the home of your Shen, that the spirit, memory, consciousness, and the spirit.  These activities will be attributed to the brain in the Western medicine, but we know intuitively that your heart also a body of feeling and spirituality.  In fact, many of our language about heart refers to it as an organ of the feeling.  Terms such as “attract someone on your heartstrings,” “know things in your heart”, or with an emotional and mental body a “broken heart”.

So how about eating your heart and soul to feed?

As the home of your soul, your heart is all about Chinese connection — the divine (but you perceive it), for yourself and loved ones.Sit down and a meal to share with people you love is heart-nourishing. Preparing a meal with love honor thy heart.It is not about the ingredients, but the preparation.Yet tasty recipes and fresh ingredients are also part of the process. Eat hunger, celebration, love, or parts, no boredom, or stress. Be grateful for the food you eat and the company you eat with. remember feed and life-sustaining food — not your enemy. While ingredients are subordinate to feeding your heart, there are foods that are not life-sustaining. this “dead” foods that are overly processed and chemicals that your body is not recognized as nutrients. Avoid like the plague. In Chinese medicine, the red color is linked to your heart. red wine, and cooked tomatoes is proved to be to take advantage of the physical heart. also be good berries, red pepper, and apples. Celebrating the seasons is also heart through food to feed the fresh foods of summer or dine outside a meeting down on a solid winter stew with a crackling fire ways to connect with food, beloveds, and creation. Finally, the emotion associated with your Chinese heart is joy. If you eat with joy, you will make your life with joy.

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Heat Wave!

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Baby, it’s hot outside, and some of my patients are starting to show of the tribe. hot flashes are worse, people are hot and thirsty and tempers are flaring

  Many of the Chinese medicine is based on the idea that we humans are part of the natural world, and as such, we are strongly influenced by our environment.  Seasonal changes and extreme weather conditions can by physically stressful and with our health damage.Therefore, if it’s dry outside we get dry conditions, such as a sore throat scratchy, dehydration and dry skin. when it’s cold and humid, flare achy Joints and mucus terms and conditions.  Windy weather can click on colds and facial pain earaches.

  In Chinese medicine is there in fact a condition connected to the hot summer weather, called Summer heat.One word and capital letters-Summerheat. it is caused by exposure to extreme heat and can make you feel seriously funky. 

  There are two types of Summer heat — the first looks a lot like heat stroke in conventional medicine.It is characterised by a high fever, heavy sweating, exhaustion and dehydration. 

The second type of Summer heat has a humid element.  This usually happens when it is really humid from — the kind again when you feel like you are covered with a layer of mucus. If it’s hot outside, generally you thirst of sweating and drink to keep hydrated.  However, drinking or overdrinking-combined with the water into the air can lead to Summer heat plus a saturated feeling, slim called Summer heat moisture. 

  I’ve seen that patients with Summer heat fought in the humidity of the past few weeks, and it is not pretty.Symptoms include a general blah feeling nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite and tiredness. first of all, the people who are a lot of time outside in this very warm, very sticky days of middle and late summer spend. 

  So, what to do for the Summer heat?  Well, are some of the things you instinctively would do the best.  Slow down and cool.  There are also a number of foods that have been energetic and full of cool liquids, which really helps if you were to Summer heat. Some suggestions: 

Mung beans cooking.Boil the beans in water according to the instructions on the packaging.The liquid using a bouillon — a little bit of salt in this case is not a bad thing.You can add a little rice or a few vegetables, but keep it light. Try watermelon.It’s a good choice if you feel you’re hot and blah.It really works!!!Eat summer produce which is cool and humid, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, Mung bean sprouts (great ones that come in your Pad Thai), summer squash, broccoli and apples. If your stomach is angry, light food and give your digestive system a break.I would like to purchase a congee (rice soup) when I am under the weather. It consists of one part of the rice with eight volumes of water, stewed slowly to the rice is cooked. Add herbs and a small amount of proteins, such as chicken, egg, or tofu. Drink Green tea, chrysanthemum, peppermint or Chamomile are all cooling. use the sun warm weather to BREW tea, but some tea bags to put in a glass jar outside in the Sun. in a few hours your tea is brewed, and you can cool or drink on ice. Acupuncture is always a great option, too. your doctor will focus on the heat and if you are the type of moist, it will resolve the humidity and your digestive system to calm down. There are also some really effective Chinese herbal formulas specifically designed for the Summer heat. as cool and let the warm weather get you down.

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Barefoot and outraged

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  I have this to extrapolate from in a long time.  I just got back from a long weekend trip to the coast for a family reunion.I don’t have much fly, but I’ll take a handful of travel per year. (s) played on this particular trip had for some reason, going barefoot through the airport security me absolutely appalling. 

At the airport on the way home the light hitting the floor just as I was heading to security.I could see the footprints of thousands of damp of people who had walked barefoot for me by this same line I walked through the line on the side of my bare feet, try to come up with the floor possible. Unfortunately, I had to wait a few minutes away from the TSA guys to go through a person’s liquids, and that’s when I started to get really squeamish. 

Just like the imaginary line of ten seconds, (it’s okay to eat it on the floor if less than 10 seconds) the longer I was barefoot in a multitude of skanky footprints, the Lake grossed I have. 

  It would be at this point to wonder what this post has to do with the Chinese medicine.  My thinking is that in this scenario, a case of moist heat and toxins meeting with Wei Qi-deficit make all kinds of destruction of people.

Let me explain. moist heat is the pattern in the Chinese medicine behind many funky things that make the lives of people rates, such as athlete’s foot, the Plantar warts, and the like.  In Chinese medicine, infections, such as staph toxins and throat.  These things off, you have Qi Wei, the defensive energy.  It around your body as a protective bubble, and works much as your immune system.So the person with weak Wei Qi which, in contact with moist heat infections or toxins, it is more likely to have a little something to get where they are by the airport security.

The question that no one is asking is this: it is possible to get a staph infection, warts or athlete’s foot by walking barefoot on a contaminated soil?I say Yes.I think the risk is even greater for someone with a compromised immune system, such as someone with diabetes.Think about this: the virus for plantar warts can survive for months without a host., wrestlers, swimmers and other athletes routinely get these infections of hanging out in a dressing room. How is the rule of the safety at the airport?

So the next time you travel, wear thick socks while walking by security. it doesn’t matter if you’re a geek with socks and sandals will look like; you can take them off right after you use your computer and shampoo back in your carry-on. also, if they are going on and off by placing a hand gun, ask that those guys TSA glove up. you never know who was dirty, they were rifling through before you.

Happy trails.

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Thirteen truths about Weight Loss

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Posted on August 30, 2010

  Weight loss is a popular topic and a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason.I have found that it is unlikely that the person who is quite happy with their weight. most people are trying to drop a few pounds, a lot of weight loss, or try hard just to their current weight. 

Why so many people struggle with the numbers on the bathroom scale? There are so many answers-we live in a land of plenty, the food we eat too much, too little, and we exercise the way our food is produced, is a nightmare. 

  So how you can successfully discharge that excess weight and keep it off?Many health experts would have you believe that just eat less and exercise more will do the trick. Unfortunately, weight loss is not so simple.  What and how you eat is a combination of physical, emotional and mental problems and each person is unique in the factors they bring to the table.  (No pun intended).

  I’ve learned from studying and practicing traditional Chinese medicine, as well as observe and work with my patients, that many people lose weight and keep it off.  The key to their success goes much further than eating less and more activities.   The following is a list of things that I found to be true with regard to the successful weight loss: 

  Weight loss takes dedication.  This is a kind of thing baby steps.  Although you today twenty pounds lighter can, it will not happen … today.  But it may happen over the course of a few months. Losing weight means signing in the long term and taking a day, a meal, one bite at a time.  Weight loss takes planning.  You know that you need to eat the lunch every day. you have a choice — you can head out to Big Butt Citizen Shack with your colleagues that you are using the healthy lunch packed for yourself you can eat it.  You know that you are going to come home tired at the end of the day and do not want to cook.  What will you do with it? For all cheese pizza all the time-to-use your special or take out of the freezer entrée? you get the picture, as you know, your food and you know yourself, so plan ahead.  Control about what is going on in your meals is of crucial importance.  When you eat out, you have no control over how much oil or butter was pasta dish that you just ordered.  The blue cheese dressing on the salad bar is too thick for a reason-pour the loaded with things that is not your friend.  Fattening stuff tastes really good, and use a lot of restaurants fattening of the things that they would never tell you about it.  Exercise helps you lose weight and keep it off.  As a matter of fact, in Chinese medicine we call it traffic. all that excess weight, you’re carrying around is considered to be an accumulation of moist tissue.  Movement is of crucial importance for the solution of the accumulation, it is kind of like self medicating in that movement the flow throughout your body recovers.  Also speeds up your metabolism and improves digestion. you don’t have to take up an Olympic sport.  Go hiking or cycling playing outside.  The people around you can make or break your determination.  If you’re going to lose weight, you need to be surrounded by supporting people, not someone who is trying to entice you with chocolate and cheesecake. If your family is not on board with how you eat, find a friend or colleague who act as your support team.  You need a plan.It can be as simple as it is not to have seconds or so full Weight Watchers count calories, or it can be. I have patients lose weight and keep it off with a variety of methods.  The thing that they had in common was that they had a plan.  You can eat the foods you want and still lose weight.  You just have to eat less and less frequently.  You will not be losing weight eating all the time all brownies — but a brownie once in a while will help you do not feel deprived.  Your digestive system is a major player in the weight loss game.  In Chinese medicine are your digestive system is bad, you are more likely to your food in moist tissue that is located on your belly and thighs dust build-up.  How do you know whether your digestive system funky?  Heartburn, gas and stomachaches, a lot of messing around, tired after a meal, food cravings, loose stools or constipation, nausea and not feel hungry are all signs that your digestion needs help. acupuncture, Chinese food therapy, and even a formula are good options to the right.  Some foods can be about nutritious.  What to say?  It is true; foods that have been very rich or too hard to digest can be very concentrated.  Some obvious culprits are meals in a can, diet shocks, concentrated fruit juices, and even some rich meat and sauces. Extreme diets don’t work, at least not in the long run.  Here’s why: you go on a diet, say it just eat carbon diet. You lose a bunch of weight in the course of say, two weeks.  Great!  But what happens when you diet?Oops!  Right back to the way you were having dinner, but now your metabolism has gotten a little bit slower, since this will provide you with carbon ate.  So now just eat like that you were before the diet causes you to be given greater weight.  Bummer!  The result of your diet, weight gain.A slip not games catastrophe.  Keep your head in the game.  This means not only continue, but realize that you can slip up and still lose weight.Save themselves a lot of people to not have to stick to their plan, and just stop altogether.The successful ones fall off the wagon, but then again, and keep losing weight.You should eat good food.This means that many fruits, whole grains and a little protein at every meal.Forget about the more than processed, chemical-laden, genetically modified, sugar-loaded, hormone-treated things you at eye level in the average grocery store find. search for food that is grown or meat that without the help of pesticides, chemical substances, antibiotics, hormones and all kinds of stuff on the label that you cannot speak. you’re really what you eat.Long-term changes are the key to success.Losses and the maintenance of your weight is not a project that you undertake not to get ready for swimsuit season or an upcoming class reunion. it is a way of eating and your body that health promotion, done in moderation, move, and sustainable for the rest of your life.

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Help for dark under eye circles

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Not long ago I saw one of the twilight movies with my child, and since then I’ve been thinking about dark under eye circles. You don’t have to be a vampire spotty dark patches have under your eyes, a lot of people have them and most want to get rid of them. 

There are many theories about why you that dark circles, and some are clearly . I can always tell when a patient is not enough sleep by the shadows under their eyes.  Also, for some people, dark eye circles run in their family, and for others, they seem with aging. 

Chinese medicine weighs in on the issue of the dark circle, in a number of ways.  An acupuncturist think first of the Chinese kidney in the treatment of someone with shadows under their eyes.  And they might be right, the color that is associated with the kidneys is black, so that the black spots can lead from your doctor to look at the health of your kidneys system.

  Your Chinese kidney is the home of your body Yin Yang and essence.  This means that the health of your body’s internal warming pilot light (Yang), nourishing refrigerant (yin), or genetics and overall health (essence) need a little help.Your kidneys is the organ system enabling them to be a hit if you work too hard, a little too firm parties, or not enough sleep. If your kidneys under the weather, it can appear as dark circles under your eyes.  

Another cause of dark circles in the Chinese medicine is a blockage of blood.  If a bruise or a varicose vein blood stagnation means simply that the blood in a given area is not move smoothly and collation or a backup.  The thin skin under your eyes is relatively transparent, so that when the blood around your eyes is stagnating, and make it easier. 

  If you suffer from allergies, you can also are plagued by under eye circles.From a purely Western point of view, clogged (wider) can dilate the blood vessels that drain from your eyes on your nose, which makes it look of dark purple circles. 

Is there anything that you about these spots under your eyes can do?In some cases, depending on the cause. your first line of Defense to get some help from your local acupuncturist.Depending on what’s needed, he or she can help you build up the system of the kidney, blood stagnation move, unloading your allergies or unloading your insomnia.Some people are even able to carry out cosmetic acupuncture.Than the Chinese medicine include some of the other steps:

Put some green tea bags in the area.Brewing of the tea, the tea bags in the refrigerator, and when they are cold, put them under your eyes for ten or fifteen minutes. the cold and the caffeine contribute to reducing the size of vessels under our eyes, and the tannins in the tea reduce the liquid structure and discoloration.
Make sure you get enough sleep. A lack of sleep is the quickest way to dark circles, or if you have already, to make it worse. While you sleep, your head a few inches, so that the blood in your face is not under your eyes. According to Mr acupuncturist and author Aimee Raupp collation, you can mix up a tablespoon of turmeric powder with a tablespoon of honey. Turmeric is a great herbs to your blood circulation, and place it under your eyes. first, try this mixture on a patch of skin on your neck or scalp to ensure that you are not allergic to the Curcuma. If you do not have a comment, then this mixture of application in the field under your eyes and leave it on about ten minutes.

If you’re inclined to dark circles, it does not mean that you have to walk around the Cullen family looks from twilight. get plenty of sleep and get some help for these spots under your eyes.

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Sucking wind: Chinese medicine for asthma

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  About twenty years ago when cycling through the countryside in Wisconsin, I witnessed my first serious asthma attack.  My husband and I were driving with our friends Lenny and Kathy.  We flew down country roads along the rolling hills, farms, and the stands of wild flowers.  A long steep hill our attention, and the four of us the attacked, trying to keep up the momentum we had built up.The next thing I knew, Kathy was on the ground in addition to her bike, crying. I remember thinking, “Hey, lit up, it’s not that big of a hill. 

It turned out that Kathy had an asthma attack — free serious. She’s got panicky, because she could not breathe, and her inhaler back at the hotel.  It took some time, but we could get by Kathy calmed down, until the attack is over, and we caution our ride ready.

  Asthma is not laughing.More than 16 million adults and seven million children in America suffer from asthma, and it kills each year for almost 5,000 people. 

Asthma occurs because the Airways in the lungs sharpen, inflamed or be filled with mucous membranes.  The symptoms are shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. symptoms can be regular or occasional, and they can mercifully, serious, and even life-threatening.

In Chinese medicine there is always an element of mucus associated with a diagnosis of asthma. in fact, the Chinese use the term “slime abiding” to talk about asthma, which means that, even if you do not have symptoms; the mucus is always an underlying cause of the condition.  In Chinese medicine, asthma may be caused by the environment, strong emotions, poor nutrition, stress, overwork and exhausted by chronic disease. 

There are a number of the underlying patterns or Chinese medical diagnoses, that are associated with asthma. A few can be by-products of a bad cold or flu, asthma flares up when you get sick. The patterns are:

  Wind/Cold.  This is the kind of asthma, you get when you have a cold and your chest, making it difficult for you to breathe.  Typical symptoms include headache, aches and pains, a low grade fever, chills, a mild sense of feeling cold, chest tightness, and coughing of thin, white mucus.While this pattern usually associated with a cold or flu, it can occur without your ever sick. in this case, allergies, cold air, wind or even drill to triggers.

    Mucus Heat.  If you do not have your cold right away, you can continue to breast engorgement and you can wheezing and coughing up mucus thick yellow.(Gross)!Inflammation or infection is a player in this pattern, so that you can also feel hot and thirsty, you are running a fever and dry and hidden.  Again, this pattern should not necessarily be the byproduct of a cold or flu.  There are some people who have asthma, and inflamed always also an integral part of this pattern.

    Long deficiency.  This tends to a more serious form of asthma.  Symptoms are shortness of breath, a weak voice, “washed out” coughing, wheezing, sweating (not necessarily in connection with the warm feeling) and thin white or clear phlegm.Long deficiency sounds exactly like what it is, weak lungs. 

    Kidney deficiency.How can your kidneys have nothing to do with asthma?Well, your Chinese kidney associated with your body Constitution, the power of your health, no matter how well you age and the power of your energy reserves.  A weak kidneys system is linked to an overall depletion of energy — you are run down. This is the type of asthma that often by exercise, effort, or cold caused. other symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty breathing, feeling cold on your core and cold limbs.

  Treatment of asthma, according to the Chinese medicine is two-fold.  During the acute phase is the first calendar smooth breathing to calm down the attack.This would be done with the help of acupuncture and herbs. it must be said that if your asthma is not controlled, a cross-site scripting attack is serious and could even be life threatening.This means that you should be under the care of a doctor who is in a position to prescribe medications, typically as an inhaler, for emergency attacks.

The second treatment is in order to alleviate the underlying cause of your asthma, if you do not have symptoms.For example, if your asthma Phlegm/Heat cause treatment should focus on reduction or dry the mucus and clearing your heat.Once again, a combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy, combined with food and lifestyle changes would be used.

A few tips that can be useful in the control and relieve the symptoms include the following:

Triggers that cause your symptoms to prevent this from happening.In this regard, cold, exercise, allergens and certain foods.
Residence of the smoke-filled rooms if you share the burden of the heartburn, know that a flare can aggravate asthma.Dealing with the stomach acids to help your asthma. Keep your neck and chest warm, especially when it’s cold is a trigger for you.Wear a scarf – they are stylish, even if it’s not winter.
Take it easy on the dairy products. they tend to produce mucus.
Try breathing exercises. take a class of yoga, Tai Qi or Qi Gong. Otherwise, breathe a 4-7-8. Breathe to the count of 4, stick to the count of 7, and 8 to the count of exhale. doing a series of 4 a few times a day. personal note: breathing exercises fully lit my exercise induced asthma. it to the route of the alternative medicine to go, but don’t be stupid. use your inhaler if you create a cross-site scripting attack.
If you are caught without your inhaler, try some caffeine. it works like asthma medicine theophylline. in any event, a cup of coffee or tea before your workout also exercise induced symptoms under control. Try to keep some vitamin B6 50 mg. per day can help with the severity of your symptoms. Keep in touch with your lungs. This is so touchy feely, but it is important to recognize patterns so you can the head of an attack.(Such as pain, it’s much easier to manage if you try to open the early.)Consult your doctor if your symptoms seem to be getting worse or more difficult to control.

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Acupuncture and bi pain arthritis

Posted on September 21, 2010
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Posted on August 23, 2010

  The health of your family members provides instructions on how to make your age and what diseases, you have a higher than normal risk.I come from a large family and arthritis is a dark cloud that my parents and many of my brothers and sisters. so far, I have managed to dodge the bullet arthritis, but I realize that it can be a problem as I aged. 

  Arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints, causing an estimated 70 million Americans.The symptoms are pain, swelling, limited range of motion, redness and warmth around the joints. There are many different types of arthritis, but General, arthritis is caused by the Division of the cartilage of aging and wear and tear on your joints.  Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the lining of the joints, which lead to the erosion of the bone and joint deformity to can.   

In Chinese medicine, arthritis is considered to be a bi (pronounced at) syndrome, which simply means that your pain is caused by a blockage of energy or blood in your energetic pathways. the blockade is caused by external agents (or causes of disease) that are a little if wet weather in your body.  Wind, cold, heat or humidity.These pathogens can affect your bones, muscles, tendons, arthritis, but they affect your joints. 

Bi syndromes often occur because you in some way, either from poor nutrition, fatigue, poor digestion, working too hard or any other funkiness have been exhausted. When you run down or exhausted, is also your body’s protective bubble that fights pathogens from exhausted.  This makes it possible for the bad weather conditions, and all kinds of problems.

  You can tell what kind of pathogen your arthritis is caused by the nature of the pain.  In General:

  Arthritis caused by a pathogen wind moves around joint pain usually joint. Cold rather serious, worse is in cold weather, and your joints can actually feel cooler to the touch than the rest of your body. Dampness is characterized by hard and achy pain feels heavy and can be accompanied by numbness and/or swelling. Red, hot, swollen, and painful joints are linked to the heat. You can feverish feeling when you heat a pathogen, and your pain tends to flare up in the warm weather.

  To make your life even more miserable, can have more than one pathogen at the same time, your joints.  For example, you may need to arthritis that is caused by a combination of wind, cold and humid.In this case, you may have pain in the joints that moves, it feels heavy, is seriously achy and worse is when the weather is humid and warm. 

Various studies have shown that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for arthritis pain. If you go to an acupuncturist or practitioner of Chinese medicine for your arthritis search, they can take different healing tools in their treatment.  A doctor would generally start with acupuncture, choose points in the vicinity of the affected areas, as well as the points to go with the germs that cause pain.You can also some acupuncturist ear acupuncture points that correspond to the areas where your pain with needles.

There are a number of Chinese herbal formulas that are useful in the treatment of arthritis pain.If your acupuncturist herbs, he or she would choose for a formula based on the nature of the pain.For example, if your arthritis is caused by moisture and heat, you must clear the herbs that heat dissipation and dry the humidity.

Other therapies are, for example, heat, food therapy and few changes in your lifestyle.Some things you can do yourself include:

.You don’t have to kill of the world, but movement helps things separate from and can help move energy and blood in your pathways. warming up or. If your arthritis worse in the cold weather or cold to the touch, feel some heat apply. If it is hot, cool, but don’t overdo the ice, because too much to set up your joints. get enough sleep,. remember, bi syndromes are often the result of your body in a certain way being depleted. you heal and rejuvenate if you rest. This includes getting enough sleep each night. Jettison the stress. I know that you’ve heard it a million times, but really, stress makes everything worse. Avoid activities that your pain worse. Um … this seems to be quite clear: if it hurts, cut it out. I speak especially you runners with arthritis knees. Eat to reduce inflammation. make sure you get enough of the right types of fats, omega 3, which help your body inflammation of good foods are cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, as well as vegetable fats, such as linseed (oil), walnuts and nuts, seeds and Avocados.

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